Exciting weekend!

By | July 13, 2008

It has been a busy, but exciting weekend so far.  We closed on our new house Friday.  Since then we have been looking over the place and trying to move small loads of stuff.  (The idea being when everyone shows up to help with the big move next weekend, it is hopefully just going to be the big stuff left so it goes quickly.)

All in all, we are still very excited.  Shane is going to try to help me finish moving the upstairs stuff over to the new place.  (Pretty much just office stuff.)  If we managed that, then it will be the main floor stuff, which all goes onto the main floor of the new place.  I think our biggest dissapointment this weekend was we weren’t going to just keep moving stuff and try to get everything moved.  (Duh it never would have worked, but we have been excited enough to think abouit it!)  Oh and that we can’t pick up Sparky (our new golden puppy) till after moving weekend.  Though that does give us more time to get puppy stuff and the place ready.

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