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By | September 4, 2008

This really isn’t much of a shock, but has taken the net by storm.  Google has released it’s own browser.  Before getting into any specifics, I will give some first impressions.  I use IE6 at work (requirement), and Firefox3 with various extentions.  (FF being my browser of choice at the moment.)  That being said – Chrome is impressive.  I have seen massive speed improvements in my normal sites.  (Google Reader being the most impressive speed difference, though I should have expected that.)

There has been some dissention out there.  Chrome is too basic, doesn’t yet support Extentions, new version of Firefox (3.1) will make this pointless, the Default EUAL, etc.  Some of these have a valid point.  On the other hand – it is a rock solid beta application.  How many other betas have we gotten from MS that crashed repeatedly.  FF has been pretty good about this in its newer versions.

Follow some of the links above for more information, I will also be posting some resources links below.  I would encourage people out there to try it for themselves and form their own oppinion.  I for one am looking forward to seeing what it becomes, though not ready yet to make a full switch from Firefox.  (The process per tab works really well.)

Google Chrome Comic Book

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