HP Blogger Magic

By | November 27, 2008

HP, Windows Live, and 50 different bloggers have teamed up to give away $300,000 worth of prizes!  50 bloggers will be giving away 50 prize packages worth $6000 each.  Here’s the full list of participating bloggers at HP.  Like ThatEdeGuy said, I would love to pick up one of these packages and I really would have loved to be one of the participating bloggers.  Of course I am totally ok with winning one of the prizes as well… but would have been awesome to do the review for SGB.

Here’s the details on the prize package as well.  Each of the 50 blogs will be holding their own individual contest with their own individual rules so you’ll have to visit each one and catch up on the rules.  Ede is going see if I can’t throw in a few updates as we go along too, so I plan on keeping an eye on both some of those blogs and his site.  It does’t look like they’ll be starting the contests until Friday, but you might want to just add them all to your feedreader now so you get the contest update post right away.  I have already seen a couple, and look forward to seeing how the rest of the contests turn out.  Good luck!

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