Hump Day

By | July 23, 2008

Well it is quite a wet Wednesday out there – Jamestown is getting hit with some nice solid rain.  (Logan over at the Sun posted a vid and a funny scanner comment on it.)  On the bright side, Jennie swung by the house and did a quick look:  no leaks to report, so the roof is doing better than her office’s roof is doing.

Since it is raining, and I managed to mow the lawn on Monday evening, probably going to start prepping the upstairs room for painting.  Once that is done, I should be able to start unpacking and organizing the office stuff.

"Is it time to go in yet?"

"Is it time to go in yet?"

Other than that – nothing too exciting here at the moment.  Sparky is doing well and a very happy puppy 🙂  We are having a blast with him – and nothing has been destroyed yet in the house!

Still working on the whole getting used to the kennel when we aren’t home thing, but that is going pretty well too.  I think we aren’t going to show him the upstairs till after it is painted – don’t need puppy assistance for that!

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