Issue 1: The New Homeowner Chronicals

By | July 16, 2008

This is probably going to turn into something of an installment piece. A chronicle of a “New Homeowner” so to speak. The idea is to do pieces on our first house. It is an exciting time, but I am sure (especially after talking with friends) there are going to be a million things that we run into that are not as much fun.

Moving in general usually means a WalMart trip for supplies and stuff. Moving into your own house – more so I think. We have been renting a house for two years, so there are various places we are a step up from people coming from an apartment. Yet, there have been things we are lacking that one needs when they are the landlord. Though it isn’t just that, and it leads me into this installments topic: The Lawn. (Queue music and trumpets please.)

In renting our place, the neighbor kid mowed the lawn for a reasonable rate, so we never had to buy a lawn mower. His dad had his own well system, so turned the sprinkler system towards our lawn all the time. Plants, we did a little, but what point was there in investing a lot of work into someone else’s house on stuff that we couldn’t take with us? Long and short of it is, we never really had to do anything outside.

Now that we are moving into our new place, we had to get a lawn mower, hoses, sprinklers, etc. It added up pretty quick, but with a little looking around not that much. (The mower cost us $15 at a garage sale. Not the best thing in the world, but it will do the trick.) This does mean we will have to put more effort into the outside, but since the place is ours, there is an inherent desire to see what we can do with the place. I am sure there are a ton of outside tools or whatnot that we don’t have yet. However we have enough to make a start and keep the place looking decent.

The next project (and so installment) is painting: Geek or Chic?

Also, in future pieces I am planning on linking to other blogs I find that discuss this topic.

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