Jake’s 100th SGB Post

By | December 5, 2008

I just thought I would do a quick 100th post. Actually for Supergeekblog it is the 287th total post.

Supergeekblog first went live on September 1st, 2005 with three editors. Olorinpc (me), ThatEdeGuy, and Irrision. Due to different projects and whatnot, SGB kind of withered away for a year with minimal posting. A few months ago I resurrected it and have been working on building it back up since.

Here is how the site has looked in the past:

Nov. 2005

Jul. 2006

Jul. 2008

Nov. 2008+

You are looking at it!  I am still making tweaks to the template.  I started with one I liked and then I am ending up rewriting chunks of it as I see fit.  (I have rewritten quite a few of the pages/functions at this point.)

Well I hope you enjoyed that little look back at SuperGeekBlog and I hope you continue to visit in the future!  If you have seen all 4 revisions of the site – you clearly have and it is appreciated! 🙂

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