Link roundup – November 12th

By | November 12, 2008

Here are some interesting articles/posts that I have found or been sent… most I found neat, but haven’t had time time or need to do a full post on them.  However, I thought others might find them interesting as well.

So here you go:

“Winter is coming to H.B.O” – GRRM’s A Game of Thrones Via

Ancient Rome in 3DVia the Official Google Blog (As a guy with a History degree, Ancient Rome was my favorite topic in college – so looking forward to checking this out.)

Where have all the Pagers gone? Via AskSlashdot.  (Interesting commentary.  The only people I know who still have pagers are emergency service workers like myself.)

A Checklist of Obama’s many promisesVia  (Fairly comprehensive list… like McCain, Obama made a lot of promises to his supporters.  Though like most Presidents, we know there is no way to get through them all in 4 years.)

How Twitter is a Communications Game ChangerVia Web Worker Daily (Makes some interesting points and helped confirm to me that Twitter is a communications tool that I want to try and make use of.)

50 biggest movies of 2009 lineup – Via Geeks are Sexy (Waiting on the Harry Potter and Star Trek ones the most myself!)

Some British Schools Stop Teaching About Holocaust Because It’s Not Politically CorrectVia Say Anything Blog (I couldn’t believe this one when I read it.  The whole point of teaching it is because it isn’t politically correct.  It should make people uncomfortable!  “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”)

Well those are the main highlights from the first half of the week.  Let me know if there is a particular one that you find interesting – and why!  I can either feature more like that on this site, or we can start a rousing discussion.  Either is fun 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Link roundup – November 12th

  1. Lindsay

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the GRR Martin books (I can say that about most epics though–attention span, what?), but I will definitely check them out if they come to TV. I love the idea of some fantasy shows being made.

  2. Jake Post author

    I haven’t read past the 3rd one yet, though I like the epics. Yea, there really hasn’t been much in the way of fantasy tv shows since Xena and Hercules.


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