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By | November 7, 2008

Started on the economy – job loss

Working with President Bush economic team

Immediately after becoming president focusing on the economy.

Introducing the transition team… discussed most immediate

Rescue plan for the middle class – invest in jobs, relief for families.

Unemployment insurance plan

Economic stimulus plan to jumpstart things

Financial sector crisis, must remember its global.

Auto industry – backbone of industrial – policy options to help auto industry adjust. What we can do under current law or what legislation might be needed.

Helping homeowners and not management. Critical that treasury work with HUD, FDIC, etc.

Setting policies to grow middle class and strengthen economy.

Further action will be needed during the transition period.

Now taking questions.

All in all, very little in the way of specifics with one glaring exclusion.  A new “Stimulus Package” is mentioned a couple of times.  During this Q&A time he mentions it as a certainty that one is needed and will be worked on.

He wants to see it sooner rather than later.  If it isn’t done during the lame duck session, it is going to be his first action as President.  He is also doing a good job at reminding people that he is not President yet.  Though the place card with “Office of the President-Elect” does seem to contradict that statement a bit.

Update: (Follow up stuff from the Q&A session.)

What are you doing to get ready?

-Speaking to former presidents? I have spoken to all of them living. I have reread some of Lincolns writings. Former presidents have been very gracious and offered any help that I can use.

My tax plan represented a net tax cut. He goes into the 95% Americans bit. Priority is going to be how to we grow the economy and jobs. Boost the economy from the bottom up.

Jake’s final thoughts:  All in all, pretty much as expected.  He still seems a bit rough though I would say he did a good job with the Q&A.  I don’t agree with his policy directs, so leery of that, but he was quite forthright and up front about his priorities and did give us some specific answers.

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