Lunch Break with Jake: 10/28/08

By | October 28, 2008

One of the questions I get from time to time goes a bit like this: “Jake, where do you find this stuff?”  That typically is a reference to a blog I linked to, news article, etc.

The short answer is – I read. A lot.  I use Google Reader to subscribe to many different blogs/websites/newspapers/etc.  Last count I have 109 subscriptions.  So the follow up question to that would be – “Dude, how can you read that many sites in a day?  Don’t you have to work sometimes?”  Well of course I actually have to work.  If I didn’t get my work done, I wouldn’t have a job, and if I didn’t have a job, I wouldn’t have money to pay for the internet to read stuff.  Many of the sites aren’t quite that frequent in their updates… though I would say an average daily level for me is hovering around 250 items per day.

Google Reader Trends

There are a few useful techniques that I use to get through higher volumes (some Mondays it gets more towards 500 unread) posts.  The main one I use is (again with reader) sharing and starring items.  I scroll through and note the ones that sound interesting, mark them, and review them later when I have the time.

I also know there are some sources (like a couple of the newspapers) that flood me with items that I quickly scroll past.  So 10,437 items sounds like a lot, and it is, however the time spent on the bulk of those really isn’t.  That shared number really just says that there are (using an average) a little over 20 posts a day that make me pause.  That being said, I think anyone who really makes use of RSS feeds and reader can attest… some days you get buried and it takes a bit to catch back up.

So that is how it works.  Other side of the coin is making posts myself.  I am doing a similar process on that end.  (Batch processing.)  I write up 2-3 posts at a time and set the date/time I want them to show up on the web.

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