Lunch Break with Jake: 11/13/08

By | November 13, 2008

First off today- where has the year gone?  I swear it was spring not too long ago.  Since then I have redesigned how I blog, worked on a couple of new websites, and am getting ready for the holiday breaks at work.  Yeiks, it is going to be the 1st of the year before not too long.

There is some time left in the year of course, but that got me to thinking… what are my greatest accomplishments of 2008?  Two things come to mind right away, purchasing a house with my wife, and being voted a full member of the Jamestown Rural Fire Dept.

I know there are a zillion other little things, Sparky, going back to the Y to get into shape, etc… which both fold into those 2 big things.  I think I am going to wait close till the first of the year to figure out if I have any big goals for 2009.  How about you guys – any accomplishments in ’08 that you are proud of?

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