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By | September 5, 2008

Well, it was a pretty fun weekend.  Ede and I made our pilgrimage to Fargo to visit Home Depot and Menards on Saturday.  My main goal was to get wood to build myself a bookshelf for my office.  Managed to get that and a few other things.  Ede got the stuff to replace his bathroom window and a window in the living room.

Being the computer geeks that we are, some of these projects took a little more time and effort than we thought they would – but its kind of a learn as you go sort of thing.  Of course as all building adventures go, we did miss a couple of things.  Like extra boards for framing the glass blocks in that bathroom window.  His wife was less than impressed with us on that one.  Especially since it was a holiday weekend and we couldn’t get more boards till Tuesday evening.  We did however get that one finished up Wednesday evening, so we are back in her good graces.

The bookshelf project is going pretty well.  I have the boards cut for the frame, I just need to borrow Ede’s belt sander so I can make sure the ends are smooth and exactly the same size.  (It is going to be a 7ft long and 4ft high bookshelf – I have named it “The Unit.”)  Once the frame is together and the backboard cut, I have a nice cherry wood stain for it.  It will go really well with the darker color that I painted the room.  (Deep red, Victorian Garnet I think the technical name of it is.)  So the office is slowly coming together.  I hope to have it finished this weekend actually.  (Both the shelf and getting the office put together.)

I also managed to buy and install blinds this weekend for the master bedroom.  So that room is looking a little more finished now as well.  Once it dries out a little bit, I will bust out the Weed wacker I got for my birthday and straighten up the outside a little bit.  Other than that – there are a zillion little projects, but most will be of a more low priority nature.  The one exclusion to that being the leaky relief valve on the water heater.  (Fortunately a couple of the guys on my fire department are plumbers, so I will be able to get help on that.)

All in all though – it is nice to be able to do these projects.  Yes owning the house means potentially great expenses if something major breaks, but being able to make the place like we want it to be is also a lot of fun.  I am having fun having a garage with electricity as well.  Won’t claim to be the best Mr. Fix-it, but I am having fun trying and fun building stuff.

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