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By | February 17, 2008

I will paste below this, my “myspace” post. The gist is however, I would rather upkeep this blog, than the mired mess of other social profiles I have managed to get myself into.

In all reality, I have overbooked myself. I tried to upkeep this site, myspace, facebook, firefigher nation, deviantART, work blogs, (play World of Warcraft) and a couple of others. The net result was – minimal work on all ~ and jack for quality. It has boiled down to a desire to consolidate my effort. I love the blogging community, and the art community, so am going to focus my efforts on just those two for a while.

I hope my below post explains that a little better:

I am thinking of leaving myspace. Why? too many social profiles, so the net result is that I don’t keep any of them up.There are some people that I do have on this site, that aren’t on either Facebook, or another one of my sites. (Dana, Phil, Mike, and Megan are the first ones that come to mind.) That being said… I just do not keep this site up… and if I do… ads pop up and myspace keeps the revenue. I would rather keep a non-ad blog, or a site where I know where the revenue goes. So… pretty soon I think I will be locking down my account here. The below accounts are the only ones I will be keeping track of:

Facebook – I will upkeep this to make sure HS/College/Work friends all have a point of contact for me. (Less messy than myspace as well imo) – I am going to start blogging only to this. Any ad revenue on said blog goes to me not a corp. (Yea I haven’t ever made any on it yet, but I would rather the potential not go to a major corp.) ~ I have actually become a fairly active member in this art community. I have been a member for years, and since my dad became an admin… have become not only more involved, but a subscriber, and a contributing artist.

For firefighters, I do have a minor page at Firefigher ~ however the upkeep is very minor.

The main goal is to upkeep my personal blog, and my deviant art page… dA probably being the primary goal for a while here.

All of that translates to… I plan on locking down and all but abandoning myspace. (I am going to keep track for a little bit, but I am hoping anyone critical on this site who hasn’t already, shifts to at least facebook.)

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  1. Daniel

    I read similar article also named ication to this site | Jake’s Corner, and it was completely different. Personally, I agree with you more, because this article makes a little bit more sense for me


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