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By | December 17, 2008

Well I haven’t made any progress since building the table.  Picking up the train stuff over Christmas break.

One of the best finds I have made is another yahoo group.  MarklinBandG.  Anyone interesting in Marklin trains – I highly recommend this group.  I asked one question – trying to catch up on the change from analog track to the new digital sytem and had multiple answers within a few hours.

As I posted to the group, partly going Marklin because that is what we have, but also biased towards Marklin HO as that is what I remember as a kid.  I still remember picking out a train in a Marklin store in Germany.

Anywho – best bet at this point is going to be taking an inventory and comparing model numbers with the group to determin what works with what.  (Since I have been out of the loop for 15 years and am playing catchup.)

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