Obama 2.0 – The Connected Prez

By | November 13, 2008

I recently read a Star Tribune article about how Obama built this huge communications network and that is one of the reasons he won the Presidency.  In essence I agree with him.  I disagree with a lot of his policies and liberal viewpoints, but this is one area where I think Washington needs improvement.  Understand and use of technology.  Obama has shown them it can be done.  How many big time politicians do you know that even know what Twitter is, much less use it?

I really hope this is a start of a trend.  Yet Obama’s staffers have proven they don’t quite have a firm grasp of the technology.  Once you put something on a website and it is there long enough to be cached, it is permanent.  There is no “undo.”  Especially in the case of the President Elect.

A few – “Computers can do that???” moments:

Mandatory Community Service policy disappears

Assault weapons ban disappears as well

That being said, I look forward to seeing how are next President uses technology to connect with his constituents.  Can he keep going what he had during the campaign?  Seeing as the Twitter feed hasn’t been updated a single time since the election I am not sure.  However, I am willing to reserve judgment on that one as the guy (or staffer) probably deserves a break.  The people will be watching from both sides of the fence.

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