Quite Zone in Jamestown

By | July 16, 2008

Well the quite zone is being discussed again. (Article from the Jamestown Sun.) Before anything let me be perfectly clear – I hate the trains. Twice in town I have lived near the tracks and can’t wait till Jennie and I are moved into our new place further away from them.

Anyways – I love the concept of a Quite Zone. (Plus it would close the crossing by my Fire station so we wouldn’t have to play the fun game of dodge the crazy people trying to run us over when running from our vehicles to the station.  It is actually kind of sad we have to play that game, but people seem to be oblivious to what guys running towards a firestation means.)

The City Council in pushing this seems to be missing the critical point – every measure on the ballot that included anything with a Tax Increase failed.  *We do not want special assessments* – nor one-time fees, no matter how big or small they are. Stop spending us to death. If it is great, spend less somewhere else instead of taxing us more. (Sorry my liberal friends, but instead of always demanding more money, try reallocating.) Becoming a homeowner in the past week is making me watch that bottom line much closer – especially since those “assessments” generally come in the form of property tax.

If it is going to mean an increase in taxes just to do it, find another way. The people said no to more taxes not the idea. So don’t try to bypass them just because the idea is good.

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