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By | October 31, 2008

One of the authors I follow (John Scalzi) has a great post on his blog this morning.  I encourage you to go visit his page – the comments are often as entertaining as the posts.  (John often replies to the comments, so it is fun to follow an authors thoughts and comments through those as well.) I have posted 1-10 here, go to John’s post to view all 20.  It is funny – do it.

Election List X: Some of The Horrible Things That Will Happen To You If You Don’t Vote

1. Your penis will fall off. If you are a woman, you will grow a penis, which will then fall off.

2. Your peers will point and laugh at you more than they already do.

3. You will have to listen to smug voters say “if you didn’t vote, you can’t complain” for at least two years.

4. You will be consumed by pillbugs whilst you sleep. They will leave behind nothing but your penis, which as you’ll recall, has already fallen off.

5. You will smell of sour buttermilk until the next New Hampshire primary.

6. Uncontrolled flatulence.

7. Cars will swerve to hit you, even when you are inside your own home.

8. Your World of Warcraft party will turn on you and smite you mightily.

9. Impotence. And not just because your penis has fallen off.

10. Stairs will rise to trip you.

Click here for 11-20

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3 thoughts on “Reasons to Vote

  1. Rob

    Scalzi is such a fantastic author, isn’t he? I have every one of his books (just got Agent to the Stars via Amazon a few days ago). While comparisons of people writing in his genre to Robert Heinlein are copious and usually unwarranted, Scalzi is one of the people who truly deserve.

    Also, funny that so many libertarians and conservatives tend to gravitate toward science fiction. I look at your reading list…and we read a lot of the same stuff.

  2. Jake Post author

    Yea – I have actually become a bigger fan of Scalzi as a result of reading his blog. He is a bit liberal in his political views, but he is well written and thoughtful.

    That is an interesting point though about Libertarians and conservatives gravitating towards scifi. (I read a lot of scifi/fantasy in general.) I hadn’t made that connection myself, but I do believe it is valid. Interesting to ponder why though… might have to put some thought into that for a post.

  3. Rob

    I don’t really read his blog that much. I read so many blogs already. I know he has one. I’ve read a post or two here and there. But it never caught on with me.

    As for the Sci/Fi thing, I noticed it when I used to put my reader list up on the sidebar. We’d get discussion goign about our favorite authors. I’d bring up these really obscure authors that I thought I was the only guy in the world reading, but everyone else would already know about them.

    It’s kind of amazing.


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