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I have been pondering for a day or two what I wanted to write. ThatEdeGuy had a good post on it this morning as well. I had a feeling this post was going to wander a bit, but at least wanted to have a point. Something people could bring away from this post. What does 9/11 mean? This year, today, one word. Remember.

What do I remember?

I remember, quite vividly, that morning. I was a sophomore attending Jamestown College. My roommate woke me up saying something about towers and shit blowing up. Thinking he was pulling my leg, I rolled back over for a minute before realizing I could hear CNN in the living room. “What the hell is going on” crossed my mind. I remember my eyes glued to CNN with my roommates while also on the phone/computer canceling Student Senate that morning with the rest of the exec board. (No one was going to show up at that point.) Calling home, asking how everyone was there. Talking the rest of the day with my roommates on how messed up it all was, what was going to happen from there, who could have done this and how.

I remember the next couple of years with flags flying high everywhere. Never before had such patriotism and love for our country been displayed.

I remember that slowly fading as people moved on, got distracted by other things, disgruntled with the wars and government.

I remember having always wanted to be a fireman. A year and a half ago I got that opportunity. Two guys from the Rural department were being deployed over to Iraq. I figured a year would be enough time to discover if I would like it and help cover for those guys while they were fighting for our freedom. Being a part of that is a great experience. Today we will be taking part in a 9/11 remembrance ceremony. It will be my first as a uniformed firefighter. This ceremony is going to be an opportunity to honor those who fell that day. The firefighters, Policemen, and many civilians. Also, the soldiers who have fought for the freedoms we hold dear. We need to remember this to gain strength from it. I wouldn’t say that 9/11 is the reason I joined the fire department, but it certainly had an influence on it. 9/11 changed us all, and as long as we remember it, it can become something to change us for the better.


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