ScribeFire – 24hrs up

By | June 25, 2008

This post is a follow-up to the initial post I did right after installing the Firefox plugin called ScribeFire.

I must say – I love this firefox plugin. ScribeFire has really helped me breath new life into my blogs. I have been working on posting more in general, but I find myself really making use of it. I read a good post, I link to it in a post of my own via the in browser interface. I find this to be a sharp contrast to when I had tested MS Live Writer a while ago. I just never used it. Maybe the key difference is this is in Firefox, my personal browser of choice.

Anywho – I do recommend it to other bloggers. My intial impressions were spot on. It is easy to use and so handy I find myself blogging more than I used to.

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