ScribeFire – First Impressions

By | June 24, 2008

I love blogging… I am sometimes random and lazy at it, but I really do love it. (If I spent less time reading other blogs and more working on the various blogs I run I might get more done.)

Anywho – this particular post I am trying from the Firefox plugin: ScribeFire. First impression, where is the catch? Is there a hidden charge or donation button somewhere? This addon so far is working exactly, even better than, promised. Linking all of my blogs and being able to select between them inside of the addon, writing this post, etc… all simple.

It took me less than a minute to install, configure it for 5 blogs, and start working on this post. I will have a followup post on this later after I work with it some more – however if you are a blogger and are currently logging in to post your work (ie wordpress create new post screen) I would encourage you to try this – it rocks.


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