SGB – What is planned?

By | June 19, 2008

What is planned? That is an interesting question. For a while there, this site kind of went stagnant… between other blogs, real life, etc… it just went by the wayside. Well one of the changes I am testing out (after moving hosts, upgrading code again, etc) is some RSS aggregation posts. IE – pulling in geek news from big hitters. (ie the geek of the geek sites.)
Whether or not I will keep doing this, not exactly sure. I prefer to create my own content, even if it is a few comments and a link to another story. (Which is what the aggregation post is doing – title and content all link back to the author of the post.)
SGB is coming back – thats the plan. I need to revamp, and probably reduce or limit the outside content and get back to producing our own here. So I do encourage the readers who are still with us… keep track!