Trek Trailer Breakdown

By | November 18, 2008

Ok, just about everyone is aware of the Trek movie coming out in 6 months.  Some Trekkies are pretty leery of the “reboot.”  I for one look forward to the new take on the original crew just to hear more stories about that crew.  (Kirk and the gang are still my favorites.)

Here are a few links for you to get caught up on:

Official Trek Movie Website

Apple Trek Trailers

io9 has an awesome breakdown of the new trailer (2). They go through it slide by slide picking out points that many of us probably missed.

Intel wallpapers and more – cool site actually.  (My desktop wallpaper at the moment as well.)

Check out the links.  I was initially as leery as a lot of other Trekkies out there… but I am starting to get excited with the glimpses we have been getting.  It has a lot of potential I think.

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