Weekend plans and racing

By | June 13, 2008

This weekend – it is nice to not have any specific plans.  Like I mentioned before one of the goals is to try to make a lot of progress on the packing/cleaning of our rental house.  I split the house into zones and have a schedule of when to get each zone cleaned and organized.  (If reasonable packed as well.)  The upstairs/office and the basement are the two zones to try and finish this weekend.

Other than that – might go to the races again Saturday night.  Pretty cheap entertainment for $9.  I have lived in Jamestown since 2000 but only started last year.  I am a rather late convert to the whole racing thing.  Never got why people went to races and got all crazy about NASCAR on Sundays.  (It’s not football.)

However, after actually going to the local dirt track racing… I have started to get into it.  I first approched it in terms of thinking about what the drivers had to do to hold a corner like that, then friends filled me in on what the different kinds of cars did etc.  This year I am making a slight effort to pay attention to my buddies when they talk about their favorite NASCAR driver.  (One friend on the fire department is a Kahne fanatic.)  I wouldn’t say I yet have a favorite driver myself or anything like that… but learning more about something has certainly made it more interesting for me.  Don’t know if it will ever get to the point of being able to call myself a NASCAR fan, but I might actually try to watch this Sunday.

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