Weekend suddenly free

By | June 26, 2008

Well the weekend suddenly freed up. The girls were going to have a garage sale this weekend, and decided to bump it back till after Jennie and I move. (By girls I mean Ede’s and my wife.)

Actually a pretty good idea. First reason being we will have a little more time to gather stuff and also find more stuff to sell when we have everything moved out. The second being instead of trying to help with the garage sale, I can get moving on getting more boxes and actually packing things up. We close on the 11th, with the big move the weekend after that, and I feel like I have hardly anything packed. (Well that is more of a fact than a feeling, but you get the idea.)

Anywho – It just means I have to force myself to be extra productive this weekend, while at the same time crossing my fingers that there aren’t too many firecalls. (Last weekend I had a lot of house work actually all planned out was the weekend we got something around 7 pages in a 48hr period.)Technorati Tags: , , ,

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