What does the internet do for you?

By | February 20, 2008

It’s actually an interesting question to ask yourself. “What does the internet do for me?”

News, entertainment, keeping in touch, games, etc. The potential list goes on for a while. The post about abandoning myspace came after sitting down and asking myself that exact question. “What was I really getting out of the time I was spending online?”

A little bit everywhere, and nothing solid. The plethora of social networking sites has gotten silly. Most of my friends have an account on multiple sites. (For the few who don’t and are on one of the ones I am dropping, sorry but enough is enough.) I discovered that I was spending more time bouncing from site to site than I ever was actually being active on any of those sites.

The reciprocal question is – “What do you do for the internet?” Do you actually contribute any content, and an even more interesting point, is it useful or interesting to others? (Even if it is a small audience.) For me, the answer was no. I had pretty much abandoned blogging all together. When I actually felt I had the time to make a post, it was in the format of a “quick update.” Gone were the times of actually thinking hard enough to make a quality or thought provoking post.

What is the answer? It might be different for everyone. Personally, I have gone with keeping track of only one social networking site. (Facebook was my choice of the main ones.) Next I decided to keep only one personal blog page/site. (Your looking at it ~ Olorinpc.com) Finally, I choice a more solid focus for my online, and offline, energies in finally making use of my deviantART page.

This really is a more in depth post on my post from a couple of days ago. I am working on getting back to my “roots” in the blogging world and force myself to be a more creative person. (The critique of my work on dA has been very personally satisfying.  So has been taking an active part in that site after many years of just watching.) So in conclusion, being a contributing member of this global community we call “the internet” is more personally satisfying than being one of a zillion “friends” on a social networking site. I encourage everyone to think about this topic in relation to their own online activities.

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