WordPress – Automatic Upgrade

By | July 15, 2008

For those geeks out there using WordPress for their websites – get this plugin. It Automatically upgrades your wordpress to the latest code version.

The only kink I have run into with it is it has a habit of not reactivating your plugins, but really that only takes an extra second. I just finished upgrading the codebase of 5 different sites with it in about 10 minutes. That is about a tenth of the time it used to take me manually uploading the new WP files. I used to wait or delay upgrading site code till I was sure the kinks were worked out, till I got hit with a script attack that poisened every single one of my php files. After that I tried to be a little more proactive on keeping my site code up to date, but it was still a pain. This way, it was so quick and simple, even if there is a bugfix release tomorrow, I will be able to be right on top of it.

Highly recommended!

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