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By | November 13, 2008

Another WP Plugin, looks to be pretty nifty.  I am actually installing it here at SGB and going to give it a spin.  It is a plugin that does a Daily, Weekly, or Monthly brief summary of posts done on a WP site.

Best Posts Summary is a WordPress plugin that automatically generates a summary post of your best posts over a specified period of time based on the most popular posts in terms of number of comments or number of visits. The plugin has many customization options including the ability to choose the number of posts to include in the summary post, whether to include post titles with or without post content, the sort order of the posts, and the formatting of the post.

The idea of the plugin came from the fact that I was spending so much time on my current blog creating a summary post of my best posts from the previous month. Creating a summary post of your best posts is a very good idea for several reasons

I have set it for “Monthly” here, so expect on the 1st of the next month to see some sort of summary post.  It bases it on different options, I have mine set to sort in order of comments, then by title.  So in theory my most popular posts will pop up first.

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