2010 Goals

By | December 13, 2009

I wrote this a week ago and I am finally getting around to posting it. Every year I look at what I plan to accomplish in the next year. Usually I manage about half of it. So this year I am going to set bigger goals in hopes that I accomplish more things.  I like the idea of calling them goals for the next year as opposed to resolutions.  Gives me the idea that I can track progress better – even if it really is the same day.
My goals can be split into 4 things and they are in no particular order.

1) Get some of the house projects finished. (Trim pieces in the entry way, stairway needs to be redone, etc.) They have a tendency to get started and never quite finished.
2) Do more stuff for my wife. (Even if it is just not leaving socks in random places or the dishes once in a while.)  I think this is something that always can be improved on.  (Working on #1 could accomplish this as well.)
3) Writing. (Write a lot more. A **lot** more.) Blog, finish editing my first novel, work on other writing project, etc. I have a plan to submit a few short stories as well this year. I have one already in the works.
4) Quit Smoking. (I have kind of sort of tried to quit from time to time, but I plan on quitting this year and stay quit. More time to write and do stuff around the house, along with the funds saved to pay for it!)

Some of those things above are going to be challenging, but easy goals aren’t really goals. The writing goals are probably the biggest and most challenging of the year. As I mentioned in my NaNoWriMo post, I learned a few things from participating this year. The biggest being how much I just enjoyed writing. Well in order to continue to progress, and hopefully sell some works, I need to be doing a lot more of it.
Any other good 2010 goals out there?

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