And we are back!

By | January 6, 2009

Well as everyone has noticed, I took a little break from blogging here over the Christmas/New Years holiday period.  Part of it was traveling to see family and part of it was just taking a nice break to work on offline projects.  (Along with starting my new (well old) hobby.

You see, here at Supergeekblog I stay pretty focused on tech stuff.  Be that gadgets, tech news, scifi, etc.  Well I also have what I consider an “old school” geek blog that is rather niche. is another blog I run – and over the break I was working on that hobby.  (Model trains.)  It is a hobby I was really into as a kid with my Dad.  Well around 12-13 years ago water got into my parents basement and we had to tear the whole thing down… and it just never got reset up.  Well for Christmas my Dad gave me all of the old train stuff.  (We had quite a lot!)  Now that I have my own house, made for quite the fun project over the holiday.

Feel free to head on over to that site and check out my progress there.  I am attempting to document my progress on that blog.  So far it is a blast and I am managing to keep up with the pictures and posts.

Posts to check out:

Märklin Setup in progress

Wiring now possible!

I hope everyone else had a great holiday.  Welcome back to SGB for the new year!

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