Books on Writing

By | December 21, 2009

Pimp my Novel has been a great discovery of mine.  I always find interesting posts popping up in Google Reader from that site.

This morning is no exception.  It is actually a guest post on the blog, but it is well written and worth checking out.  The topic is “Books on Writing” and it is split into two sections: Before [still writing your novel] and After [finishing your novel.]  If you are a writer or striving to go further with your writing (as I am) then stop over and check out this post.  Once you are finished, poke around the site.  Look at previous articles and see if the site is of interest to you.  (I suspect it will be.)  If so – be sure to subscribe to the feed.  It is frequently updated with all sorts of good posts.

Some of the recommendations given in this mornings article I have seen or read before, others are new to me and have now joined my list of resources to check out.  Either way it is a post worth going through.  Randy Susan Meyers (the guest author) clearly did her homework for the post.

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