Christmas Pics

By | December 31, 2009

Christmas was a bit different this year.  Originally we had planned on heading down to the Twin Cities to visit family.  However with the blizzard rolling in, we made the call to stay here in Jamestown.  Shane and his family made the same call, so we had a Christmas event here.  It was rather fun, though with the volume of snow that fell, we ended up all being trapped for three days.

The Ede kids looking cute:
Connor and Maddie 1

The Ede Family Photo:
Ede Christmas

The Barnard Family Photo:
Barnard Christmas

Last but not least, ThatEdeGuy and me, with Lightning and Sparky:
The boys

So all in all – we had a fun Christmas!

Hope everyone else did too 🙂  Have a fun and save New Years tonight.

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