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By | July 16, 2009

Well deviantArt has released a new gallery feature.  It is pretty cool actually.  I have been testing it a while in beta, but the final version is pretty slick.  For subscribers you can have multiple portfolios, which one might do if they were showing these to clients.  I just have the one as my main purpose is to showcase my best work.

Check out my deviantArt Portfolio here: Jake Barnard – Digital Works

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces that are on there:

On the merry-go-round
by =olorinpc on deviantART

Ready for the ride
by =olorinpc on deviantART

Firetrucks on Parade BW
by =olorinpc on deviantART

The portfolio is separate from the deviantArt galleries, but all images displayed on there can be found in my dA gallery.  Prints can also be purchased from the dA gallery if you see something you really like.  I have discovered the downside to taking tons of pictures with the new camera is developing a huge backlog of images to process and post, but that is part of the fun!

Oh and if anyone has a better idea for a tagline, let me know.  I think it needs some work.

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