Fireschool 2009

By | March 2, 2009

Well things have been a little quiet around here.  Mostly due to just being super busy, so haven’t really been keeping up on the blogging.  This past weekend I was offline the whole weekend, but it was well worth it.

We had our annual NDFA State Fireschool in Bismarck, ND.  We had 5 Firefighters from the Jamestown Rural Fire Department attending (The Jamestown Fire Department had a few guys in attendance as well.) Fireschool is just an awesome time.  You learn a lot, meet ton of other firefighters from around the state, and get to know your guys better.

I was able to attend a number of great classes this year.  (Haven’t had a bad class yet really.) Air Management, in which we really got to know our SCBA’s and exactly how long we could stretch our air supply.  Building Construction/Fire Behavior/Firefighter Safety, learned current trends in construction and how fire acts in a structure.  Primary Search, this was probably my favorite class of the weekend.  (Even though it was Saturday morning and we were having, er well a slow start.) Some classroom time followed by 2 person teams being sent into a smoked up trailer to search.  This was followed by an after action report of what you could have done better, what you did right, etc.  Next I had Fire Streams and Fire Control, which was a more external approach to structure fires.  By looking at the outside what does it tell you about how you should approach the fire, potential of people inside, safety of the firefighters, etc.  The final class I had on Sunday morning was Pump Operations and Maintenance.  Knowing a bit more about how a pumper works inside really helped with understanding how to run one.

So a huge info dump with plenty of experiance and information to bring back to the guys on my own department.  It was my second year attending and can’t wait till next year! 🙂

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