Holidays are over but it was fun.

By | January 2, 2009

Well over the holiday break is over.  I am now back to work and over my self imposed break from the internet as well.  (The net is fun of course and I love blogging, but the week I was off from my regular job, I also took off from blogging.)  The trip home was busy of course.  4 families in 2 days etc.  However, I did pick up much of the old Märklin train stuff from my parents place. It was rather fun to unbox all of that with my Dad and review our discoveries. (I have been posting updates on my Model Train Flickr set.)

Then of course the first thing I did when getting back to Jamestown was un-boxing what I had been able to fit into my car. (Left at my parents house are a couple of boxes of models and modeling supplies – along with the wood from the original benchwork.)

Märklin unboxing 1

One discovery we had is that all of the electrical components are missing. (Wires and control boxes.) Now they will turn up someday I am sure, but in the meantime I had to do some ordering and creative thinking. After discussing the problem with the folks on the Märklin B&G Yahoo group – I learned that I can replace the old control boxes (which aren’t sold anywhere except ebay anymore) with simple easy to obtain toggle switches. So a quick trip to radio shack I was able to pick up a couple of different types and test them out. I also ordered a bunch of wire off of ebay – so I should be good to go soon. (Also at Radio Shack picked up power distribution strips so that when the wire does get here, I will be able to wire everything to the transformer.)

Last thing I accomplished this week – is my initial single level layout. Not quite perfect yet, though Dad is planning on coming up sometime to help revise, but it is a start.

Märklin Setup 1

So the break from work and the net was pretty good for me.  Gave me a chance to get a jump on the hobby I am getting back into, relax a little, and prepare for a great 2009.  I hope everyone else had a great holiday as well!

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