KoD December Update

By | December 23, 2009

KoD stands for The Kingdom of Dragmar. KoD is the fantasy novel I am working on. While it is technically a NaNo novel (meaning the bulk of it was written during a NaNoWriMo event), I am taking the time with it that it deserves. I have actually had the story in mind for at least a couple of years and it took trying to write the bulk of it in a single month to finally get most of it on paper.

One of the reasons behind this site is to chronicle my own writing work. So I will also be updating the site with updates on how my offline writing projects are going. KoD is my biggest one at the moment, though as I mentioned in my Writing Goals for 2010 post, I am starting other projects as well.

Currently it is in what I am calling “Pre-Edit 1” phase. What that translates to is that I am planning on at least 2 rounds of editing (though as many as are needed will happen), with a peer edit/review between Edit 1 and Edit 2. “Pre-Edit 1” phase translates to being the roughest a draft can get. It is currently somewhere around 51,000 words, so still a bit shy yet of my 80,000 word goal. While it might end up with more or a little less, it currently is missing some plot elements, has consistency issues, and other fun stuff that comes out of mass producing text to meet word count goals.

The editing process is going a little rougher than I hoped, though about as well as I expected. A lot of folks say that the editing and revising process is the hardest part of writing and right now I am inclined to agree with them. However, I will never get this thing published if I don’t put in the time to get it polished up to the level I want it. (Much less a level where an agent/publisher will want it.)

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