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By | December 22, 2009

The Mac vs PC debate is an interesting one.  PC dominates the market place, so why is there such strong opinions?  Often times it seems people prefer which ever they started on.  Although in cases like mine, that isn’t really true.

Myself, started as an Apple geek.  My first computer (which came from my Dad) was an Apple IIe.  Dad had the Macintosh and eventually upgraded that to a Performa.

Winter of ’98, with the help of a buddy (thanks irrision) built my first computer.  Installed Win95 briefly, but quickly upgraded it to Win98.  I loved the fact that it ran on any hardware, so I was able to save a ton of money getting my own parts and building my own version of a desktop computer.

The love went from there, as a high school kid and then starting out college, kept upgrading the thing to keep it close to gamer specs.  I continued to work with Windows, advancing along with it from Win2k, WinXP, (I won’t mention WinME), and even working with Windows Server Editions.  Through my consulting job I worked with MS SQL, Server side installations of software, Active Directory, etc.  Oh and got a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician cert.  So it is safe to say I am pretty much on the PC side of things.  Or I have been.

The home laptop is starting to age and get flakey.  So I am hoping to upgrade/replace it within the next year.  My old desktop died about a year ago and I never bothered to replace it. I was going to with a spare machine, but a friend of my Dads needed a computer, so passed it off to them.  Pulled the old hard drives, converted them to external drives and haven’t worried about it since.

So it is just the laptop I am looking at replacing.  It is no longer cost effective for me to build my own machine.  Perhaps if I were going for a top-end gaming machine I could make it worth it, but I don’t game much anymore and really am not concerned with squeaking out a few extra frames-per-second.

This is a good point to go into the Mac vs PC topic.  It really seems to come down to what you want to do on a computer, budget, and comfort.  Let’s look at some Pros and Cons for me:

PC Pros:

Long time user, advanced knowledge

Have been building/using/repairing for over a decade.

Fairly reliable, providing virus and spyware blockers are used and updated

Cheaper to buy, easy for me to maintain

Software I have is PC based, would be starting from scratch

PC Cons:

I know how they can fail, hardware and software

Viruses and spyware – constantly evolving and constantly annoying

Not cost effective to home build anymore

Don’t really game anymore

Can’t run MacOSX in virtual (easily or legally)

Mac Pros:

My Dad loves his Macbook, as I do when demoing it.

Photoshop supposedly runs better on it

Writing and photography tools have a lot of support for Mac.

The Macbook Pro’s just look really sweet

With VMWare Fusion I could run Windows in a virtual (and my windows apps)

Mac Cons:

I am not as familiar with the support (both software and hardware) with modern apple products.

Price – they are freaking expensive for a comparable PC

So, I think I am going to demo my Dads Macbook a bit more.  I need to save up anyways, my Gadget Budget is a bit low (and may be non-existent for a while).  My normal computer usage is now internet (blogging and such), writing, or photography.  So software compatibility isn’t that large of a concern to me.  In the end, despite being a PC guy for over a decade, I am contemplating going back to Mac.  Both have come a long way, but it is tempting.  I just have to get over that price thing.  (Oh and of course budget for it.)

I did find a couple of interesting articles online looking at the topic as well.  You might be interested in checking those out as well.  I will do a follow-up later once to do some more looking around, testing, and generally looking.  (Here is article 1 and here is article 2.)

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