Scanner site closed

By | December 14, 2009

For those who were aware of it, I did have a website called “Scanner Whores.”  I recently closed down the site and let the domain expire.  The domain name and website are from an old joke.

I closed it down mostly because I didn’t use it at all, never updated it, and it never received above minimal traffic.  I did however have a couple of useful pieces of information on the site.  These I have moved to pages here on

ND-10 Codes

Stutsman County Frequencies

Beyond that, I never really used the site much.  So it really wasn’t worth the $8 a year to keep the domain.  This also goes along with my consolidation effort.  My new personal rule was, if I pick up a new domain name, I need to drop an unused one.  So with starting Epic Plains – something had to go.  Seeing as I did this two weeks ago and haven’t received a single note on it, it looks like it was a good call to just kill the site.

Any scanner/public safety related posts will appear here on in the future.


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