Someone said it is Spring now

By | April 2, 2009

Well rumor has it that it is Spring now.  As everyone is aware we are certainly getting the water up here – though still have snow slated for the weekend.  Oh well – nature really doesn’t seem to care what our calendar says.

It has been a pretty busy last couple of months for me.  I have been digging out literally (snow drifts) and figuratively (workload).  Though there have been some exciting developments along with some sad ones as well.

A couple of weeks ago I went out with my mom to Seattle (well Vashon Island which is in the Puget Sound by Seattle) to say goodbye to my Opa.  (Opa being Grandpa in German.) Our timing was good as he passed away a week later.  It was nice to get out there and spend some time with him and some of our relatives.  I was out there briefly for a work conference 2 years ago, but had only been able to visit for a day.  I did take pictures while I was out there and uploaded them to flickr.

On a more exciting note though, ThatEdeGuy saw the birth of his 2nd child, a little baby girl.  (My wife and I were asked to be Godparents – though it was exciting enough already without that additional part.) I will be posting some of the pictures I uploaded to flickr later. She had a little lung infection that has prevented them from bringing her home, though things have been going very well and sounds promising for getting to come home tomorrow.  (My wife will probably be sneaking to the hospital today to get more time holding her when I am not looking. )

Dart League is just about over for the year.  I am having trouble being sad about that as it has been a longer than normal season and even going every other week seemed like a larger time commitment than I thought it was going to be.  Even so, we finished out a lot better than we thought we were going to.  There were 13 Monday Night teams.  After riding 10-12 all season, we fought our way up to the #7 slot after this past Monday’s performance.  This weekend we have the end-of-season tournaments.  Starts Friday night at 7:30pm, then continues Saturday morning at 11am.

Locks away half of the weekend, but should be a good last hurrah with the team.  (Since we have gotten a whole lot better during the last half of the season, should go pretty well too. Though may get done with that and be needed for the Jamestown Sandbagging effort!)

Last but not least today, while I have been posting here a lot less than I would like, my frequency of updating my Twitter account has stayed pretty high.  So make sure to check it out.

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