The Tiny DV Camera Recorder

By | January 9, 2009

From Boing Boing this morning: The Tiny DV Camera Recorder.

From the sellers site:


  • The Tiny DV Camera Recorder
  • Thumb size alloy housing
  • Manually and sound activated recording
  • Web camera for online video chat
  • Support AVI video format
  • Low illumination, high resolution image with 2000K pixels
  • High speed recording and quick light response
  • 30 frames per second for 640*480 video output
  • Built-in Li rechargeable battery lasting for 2 hours
  • Provide 2G Micro SD card and Support up to 8G memory card
  • Easy operation with LED indicator
  • Support USB 2.0
  • Flexible installation with clip and bracket
  • Support JPEG picture format
  • Now I like the idea of something this small with all of those functions.  Keeps it small, out of the way, and not so noticable.  One thing I would wonder about though would be durability in the field.  At $147 it isn’t too bad on the cost factor – but would it stand up to hard use?  Particular application I am thinking is for my fire department.  Now inside of a structure fire, wouldn’t anticipate that going so well, but what about wildland fire conditions?  Smoke, dirt, grit, and just the moving around might be hard on it. However, any “tough” DV camera I usually see tends to be at least twice the cost.  Oh well.

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