1-18-10 Link roundup

By | January 18, 2010

Here are a few interesting posts/links I came across over the weekend:

Fantasy Book CriticCindy’s Anticipated 2010 List.

Nice list of books coming out in 2010 that might be of interest

Scifi SignalScifi Tidbits for 1/17/10

Of particular note on this is the CultPop interview with John Scalzi and Jim C. Hines.  Having just reviewed a book by Jim I enjoyed his part of the interview the most.

Scifi SignalA Dozen Doses of Free Fiction From Robert A. Heinlein and Fritz Leiber

Links to a bit of free fiction from those two authors.

Tribal Writerthe problem with outlines and word quotas (and why they sometimes might lead to sucky writing)

Good post on how outlines and wordcounts might hinder your writing process.

I am sure there are plenty of others that I missed linking.  This post is scheduled for Monday morning and I will add more if I come across others before then.

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