1 of 52 – Photo Project 2010

By | January 4, 2010

Craftsman BandsawI got the idea from FireMom over at Stop, Drop, and Blog.  She is participating in Project 365 again this year.  Project 365 has the goal of a photo every single day of the year.  A little bit less intensive version of that is a “52 Project.”  Or a photo every week of the year.

My goal of using my Nikon D60 DSLR Camera a bit more, plus actually publishing the photos I do take, is one of those goals that I can incorporate into this blog.  However, I decided that for my first post, I will actually use a picture that I took on my blackberry.

In the picture is my new bandsaw that my parents got me for Christmas.  I actually need to still mount it to the workbench, but it is set up and tested in the picture.  This will help a lot with projects offline.  (Such as finally redoing the trim in the entryway, model train work, etc.)

Now of course, this removes another excuse from actually doing the trim pieces.  The proof is in the pic so to speak.  So now I just need to run to the hardware store sometime and get those trim pieces…

2 thoughts on “1 of 52 – Photo Project 2010

  1. irrision

    One of my co-workers did project 365 two years ago. She said she had a hard time coming up with something compelling every day after a while. I think the once a week method will probably work out better as you will likely end up with more interesting pictures (and have a reason to hunt down good shots you drive past and don’t have time to grab at the moment).

  2. Jakob Post author

    Yea, that is exact reason I decided not to do the whole 365 project. It would have been a commitment I knew I wouldn’t have finished. One a week though… be something fun to try and prompt me to post more often.


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