9 years of OlorinPC.com

By | January 1, 2010

Wow – how things change.  9 years ago today I first registered olorinpc.com 1/1/2001.  This site has undergone quite a few transformations over the years.  From a hand-coded in html site to a full blog running the latest version of wordpress.

My old logo:

A few different versions from mid-2001 till last year when I went to the current theme.  Not all of the versions I tried out, but this is a good selection.

The site has undergone a few different hosts as well.  Originally hosted off a server in my dorm room my freshmen year of college, then off my student webspace, a server my dad provided, blogger, godaddy, and now as of a couple of years ago 1and1.  In some ways, I miss running off of my own server, but there is a whole lot less word to having someone else host.

Merged the site with comp.cx for a while.  (Which is now gone.)

Scripts didn’t pick up well in the archive site….

Migrated to blogger for a while when I started updating more regularly, though we had a newsfeed on comp.cx.

First version of this site when I moved it to wordpress.  It was actually a sub-site of supergeekblog.com for a while till I moved it to it’s own host.

Well the long and the short of it is, for almost a decade olorinpc.com has been around in one form or another.  Before that I had a freeservers site, a geocities site for a bit, etc.  So I have been doing websites in one form or another for over a decade.  As we start 2010 it is kind of crazy to think about.  On the other hand, makes me wonder what the next changes to olorinpc.com will bring! 🙂

2 thoughts on “9 years of OlorinPC.com

  1. irrision

    Indeed its been a long run. I still own the domain comp.cx btw after all these years. Just have been thinking more lately about what I’d like to do with it now. I also have irrision.com which I’ve been less than stellar about keeping up to date. I think finally having a decent (5mp w/flash) camera on my phone that doesn’t take every picture blurry if you happen to breath for the 5 seconds it take most camera phones to take pictures will help.

  2. Jakob Post author

    Yea I got burnt out on the site/blogging thing for a while. I was trying to run too many sites at once. Now just focusing on this one and epicplains.com


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