ASRock Mainboard contest

By | September 17, 2010

Over on Tom’s Hardware they have an interesting contest.

We’d like for you to tell us what sorts of board features/capabilities are currently important to you and what’s on your wishlist for your next-generation build.

Even if some of the features you want don’t exist yet, we’re sure that ASRock’s engineers would like to hear about what the best of you can dream up.

I thought about this for a bit and some pretty quick ideas came to mind.  I have been reviewing hardware and looking at all of the new stuff, and some things I have been hoping for just haven’t materialized yet.  So below is my comments on it:

Others have mentioned this, but here are some ideas combined together in what I would like to see.

1) Strip off legacy devices finally. Remove PS/2 ports, floppy, IDE, switch VGA for DVI.

2) Built in gigabyte ethernet and wireless. Both are needed.

3) Solid, well build, northbridge and southbridge heatsinks. Possibly active cooling options at least on the Northbridge. (Still giving plenty of clearance for aftermarket aircoolers.)

4) mini-lcd of some sort displaying system stats/info. RAM clockspeed, CPU vcore, etc. Instead of just the 2 digit post screen.

5) Overclocking options. Control buttons/knobs, able to change more than one facet of an overclock.

6) All pci-e slots run at 16x. Space them a little further apart to allow for dual-slot cards in crossfire to get a little breathing room.

Neat ideas that might not be for all or cost effective:

Lighted pci-e (mini and 16) connectors. ie, take the existing dark blue and make it a transparent blue with embedded LEDs. Button to disable on the board.

RAM slots that angle away from the CPU socket so we don’t have to worry about aftermarket CPU aircoolers hitting them.

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