Budget Build Part 1 – Intro

By | July 9, 2010

Here on SGB I am going to do a small series on my new computer.  If you reference the post on “Why to build a PC,” that will elaborate some more on why I went with a desktop computer.  Or went back to a desktop computer I should say.  The intent on this particular build is twofold.  One, I wanted to try to keep within a budget of $600, yet still come up with a modern mid to high-end system.  Second, build a system that was pretty decent stock, but would be fairly convenient and simple to overclock.  (Why?  The biggest reason being because I can and want to see what I can do.  Though eeking a little extra performance past design is fun and a good cost saving measure.)

I have building PC’s since ’98 when I put together my first machine.  An AMD K6-2 266mhz with 256mb ram and a 6gb hard drive was a pretty decent midrange PC then.  Irrision, who has written here in the past, actually helped me select the original components and do that first build and I have been a PC convert since.  Typically I don’t do full builds.  I usually just upgrade a few parts here and there, so that original PC that I had upgraded every single components many times over.  I let that go by the wayside a bit for various reasons and ended up with a burnt out system that was for the most part too outdated to move parts over.  (It literally burnt out.  The CPU fan bearings died and the Athlon CPU cooked overnight.)

Since I have a home and work laptop, replacing it hasn’t been the highest thing on the expenditure list.  After I wrote my first review for OCIA.net, I took a look at my setup.  In order to keep reviewing and testing, some upgrades were needed.  After taking a look at what I had on hand to rebuild, I decided it was going to just be easier and more cost effective to do a full build.  So here we are.

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