Budget Build Part 3 – The build

By | July 14, 2010

In case you missed it, please check out the other parts in this series.  Why to Build a PCPart 1 (Intro); and Part 2 (Part Selection).

SuperGeekBlog build of Olorin

The build itself was the smoothest I have ever had.  Components have come a long way in the last decade and they are much more user friendly.  Remembering back to a few of my first builds, cutting my hands on the case or ripping knuckles across ISA  and PCI cards, the lack of blood was a pleasant change.  (I have scars from PC builds.) Manufacturers have really gone towards what is now called the “enthusiast market” and treat the parts how people are actually going to use them.  I find it far easier to work with equipment now than I did even 3-4 years ago.

Once everything was plugged in and ready to go, I hit the power button.  I honestly can’t remember ever having everything boot and start loading the OS on the first try before.  The cables and hookups are much more clearly labeled than they used to be.  One issue I noted is the DDR3 1600 RAM is clocking at 1333, so I believe I will need to manually correct the timings on that, though didn’t prove too difficult to track down the correct settings.  Using CPUZ it pulled the timings chart from the RAM itself and I then went into the bios to fix.  Comparing the new machine to the dual core I have been using it is smoking fast.  The double cores and double the ram make a huge difference, but the solid-state drive takes the cake.

SuperGeekBlog finished build of Olorin

The low end video card and an old CRT monitor do detract from the system, so will need to be upgraded sometime, but it was one way to keep costs down and still get raw power into the machine.

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