Cool down that computer

By | June 24, 2010

Over on Lifehacker they had a nice post yesterday on “How to Prevent your Computer from overheating.”

I like this post because it is geared for the average user.  Tech guys, IT Pros, etc generally know about heat issues and how to solve them (or should), but we often forget to mention them to others.  Or if we do, we tend to either leave it too vague or far too specific.  This article does a good job at breaking it down and keeping it simple while giving some links to those who want to know a little more.

Generally though for the average home PC, just making sure to blow the dust out of it from time to time will be the biggest lifesaver you can give to your PC.  Take a look at the back of your computer near the power supply.  Notice a dust buildup back there?  If so, just imagine what the inside looks like.  Like the article explains, dust acts like a blanket insulating the components of a PC.  The hotter they run, the shorter you can expect them to last.  The worst is fans though, dust can gunk up, slow down, and eventually stop a fan.  If this happens to your CPU fan – yea you get the idea.

Head on over and check it out – if you aren’t aware of heat issues, it will be worth your time.  Of course from time to time here on SGB, I will also cover the more advanced topics as well such as aftermarket CPU coolers, case fans, etc for those a little more brave.

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