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By | September 15, 2010

I recently discovered a new WordPress plugin that I wanted to share with everyone. One of the ways I write is via blogging. (Obviously) One of the issues I have long struggled with was that of a publishing schedule/calendar.  Usually I tried to set something up either on paper or via Google calendar. The problem I always ran into was that it was disconnected. Whatever idea I originally had would usually misplaced, or I would bunch posts together more than I wanted.

Editorial Calendar Screenshot

This new plugin, Editorial Calendar is exactly what I have been looking for. It fits my blogging style and editor preferences perfectly. It pulls your post schedule into a calendar format. However, it also allows you to create new posts, drag and drop scheduled posts, and really visually map out your plan.

In the first 24 hours of using the plugin I planned 20 posts and wrote about 2000 words of content. Could I have done this before? Certainly – however it fits my style so well that I was a lot more efficient than I normally am when brainstorming.  Prior to installing this plugin I had 33 published posts, zero scheduled, and zero drafts.  As of 9/14/10 I have 38 published posts, 8 scheduled, and 14 drafts.  The combination of a blitzkrieg effort to get back on track while using this plugin… well the results are pretty clear to me.  A little organization goes a long way.

The difference is when I click on a date and enter in a quick draft, I also make notes about the content in the draft.  So when I come back to the schedule later to finish up a post and convert from draft to scheduled, I remember what idea actually inspired the post in the first place, links that went with it, etc.  So I have been a whole lot more effective in my pre-planning which is translating to a lot more regular blogging.

Best example is this site really with the numbers I mentioned above.  I went from a disorganized sparse posting practice (it has been a busy summer/fall offline), to having posts planned out two months in advance and completed at least one week in advance.

Chris Brogan also recently raved about this plugin on his blog. If you are a blogger who uses WordPress, it is worth the look. It won’t disappoint.

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