Fire Gazer Review

By | April 8, 2010

Fire Gazer: Arson at the Wolfe House
by Kevin Burton Mcguire

Jakob’s Goodreads Rating: (1) of 5 Stars – “Didn’t like it”
Recommended for: N/A

Book description:

Follow Ben Johnson around an Asheville, North Carolina that Thomas Wolfe would not have recognized. Ride along as Ben encounters visions of Zelda Fitzgerald, pagan rituals, a sub-culture embedded in the city’s infrastructure, and fires of unknown origin. Ben becomes enamored by DC, a charismatic drifter with a dark world vision, and he is forced to confront DC’s rejection of culture and the art it produces.

Through Ben’s private journal entries, learn about his struggle to overcome DC’s destructive cynicism and his pursuit of an artistic vision. Will Ben follow his own artistic calling, or will he adopt DC’s anti-social lifestyle?

I was sent Fire Gazer for review, and finished it in mid-February. I have been stalling on writing the review because I was hoping time would give me something positive to say about the book. Even when I do a negative review I try to give some high points.

I simply can not do that with this book. It is short, around 90 pages or so, but none the less it took a couple of sittings to get through it. It meandered all over and seemed to have little point. I think the author was trying to give inspiration to aspiring artists, but I am really not sure. The book description has an interesting premise, one as a firefighter and a writer I really liked. However, I found none of the promise in the book itself.

I really don’t recommend the book, but perhaps it just wasn’t my style and I missed something here. As much as I tried to find something positive, I just didn’t want to sit on the review anymore. Before reading this I was going through 3-4 books a week, after 3-4 for the next month. It was so jarring it totally threw me off.  So I am moving on.

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