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By | September 27, 2010

There are now a couple of writers who have contributed posts to Epic Plains.  It seems like a good time to discuss why I am having others write for this blog and, if any readers are so inclined, how to do so.

The easiest reason is it fits my goals for this site very well.  This site was started with the goal of writing about literary topics, book reviews, publishing, and writing in general.  When a friend offered to write book reviews for me, it got me thinking on this topic.  Did I really want to open this site up to other writers?  I thought about this for a while.  Actually a couple months passed since the time it was originally discussed and it was brought back up.

In the end it was a pretty easy decision.  As owner and editor of the site, I can be sure that the posts submitted fit the site, but also provide my readers with a bit more.  Another voice and opinion is a good thing.  It also gives this site a chance to expand past the usual genres that I read.  On a related note, I am hoping both other bloggers and new/budding bloggers a chance to flex their experience.  See what they like to write about, or if they write on another site for a specific topic, allow them to write about the topics this site covers.

If you are interested in blogging, guest posts are a great way to start.  To learn more, read some sites on blogging.  Blogging can be a fun outlet while you are working on your other writing projects.  (Read this post on how to be come a writer. It is an entertaining look at the process we all go through.) For writer/bloggers, there are some nice suggestions here on what to blog about – particularly for fiction writers.  Also, think beyond this site – where else could you guest post?  Writing a good guest post can give you practice, exposure, and experience for your own efforts.

In the end the benefits of having others contribute to this site outweighed and potential negatives.  I believe it will benefit both the readers of this site and I hope to learn something as well.  If you are interested in writing for this site, please take a look at the guidelines.

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