Hurricane Moon Review

By | September 10, 2010

Hurricane Moon
by Alexis Glynn Latner

Jakob’s Goodreads Rating: (2) of 5 Stars – “It was ok”
Recommended for: Scifi Readers

Book description:

In the late twenty-first century, earth is wracked by political and ecological crises, and the Aeon Foundation launches a starship to find a new world and found a new civilization, with all the advances of science and without the mistakes made on earth. Catharin Gault is the idealistic astronaut-physician in Aeon’s primary crew. Along with the rest of the crew and passenger-colonists, she goes into stasis–cold suspended animation–for the long journey across the stars, their collective fate surrendered to the ship’s artificial intelligence.

Things go amiss even before the new world’s beginning. Programmed to search for a planet with a large moon (the only way to guarantee stable seasons, tides, and an earthlike ecosystem after terraforming), the ship takes far too long, then finds a destination better than Catharin ever dared hope for: two earth-sized planets locked in orbit around each other. The one dubbed “Planet Green” has abundant plant life and a paucity of large animals. “Planet Blue” is an oceanic world covered with hurricanes. Several things about Blue baffle Aeon’s planetary scientists. To everyone else, it’s simply a big, blue moon.

This book started off really well.  The different personalities were introduced in a way that got the reader wanting to learn more in depth about many of them.  The different topics or things that would be needed on a far off colony world, one that was a one way trip without support, were very well thought out.

A further word about the science.  I found it very sound, realistic, and thought provoking.  Once the colony ship arrives at its final destination the story seems to lose focus.  The little action that remains makes it hard to trudge through the various descriptions and concerns that are expressed about the new world.  Good ideas are still present, but they get watered down and it becomes difficult to stay engaged.

The book was enough to keep me interested in the author though.  If you are looking for something that has a solid hard scifi basis, it is worth the read.  You might too get some great thoughts out of Hurricane Moonand enough to keep you interested in any more works that come from Alexis.

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