I have a problem

By | January 10, 2010

My name is Jakob and I have a problem.  I love books, so I don’t consider this a very bad problem!  My problem is that I don’t like to get rid of books.  When we moved into our house a couple of years ago, I finally had a room big enough to build a nice big bookshelf for.  However, I discovered that it didn’t quite fit all of my books… and of course I keep getting more.  My “To-Read” list on Goodreads never seems to get any smaller than 50 books.

Jakob's Book CollectionSo I have piles of books on the floor.  This doesn’t include piles around the house either… on the stairs, in the bedroom, etc.  I really need to clean that up sometime.  It annoys my wife all of the time with the books I leave around.  I really should do a count sometime of how many books I actually own.

I actually have a fairly nice “To-Read” pile as well.  Currently that is in no particular order the following books:

1) The Mermaid’s Madness (PRINCESS NOVELS) by Jim C. Hines

2) The Myriad: Tour of the Merrimack #1 by R. M. Meluch

3) Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

4) Codespell (Ravirn, Book 3) by Kelly McCullough

5) MythOS (Ravirn, Book 4) by Kelly McCullough

6) Bright of the Sky (Entire and the Rose, Book 1) by Kay Kenyon

7) The Dragon Factory by Jonathan Maberry (First Read for review, comes out this spring.)

Then my Dad also loaned me a few books to check out.  3 Mickey Spillane books: The Deep; The Delta Factor; and I, The Jury along with The Last Templar (Knights Templar series) by Michael Jecks.

So the long and short of it is that I just ended up with a lot more books.  I have tried paperbackswap.com and still kind of use it, but my issue is that if I like a book I keep it.  I do tend to re-read books, but I like to keep them just in case I might want to re-read it someday.

Well my parents came up with a little assistance on that.  They found me a bookshelf.  The timing is great as I was just starting to measure my office/library again to try and figure out how to build and fit another bookshelf in there.  The numbers weren’t adding up.  My parents found a 2-sided bookstore style shelf.  Picked up a couple for their house and another for me.

2-Sided BookshelfSo sometime I have to figure out how to move this from Hastings, MN to our house in Jamestown, ND.  Should be interesting, but will suit my needs perfectly.

In theory I should then not only have enough shelf space to hold all of my books, but get them somewhat organized along with places for loaners and swap books.

Anyone else have any fun book storage solutions?

Now, to get back to writing.  I am told one of the keys to writing is reading.  I think I have accomplished that part!

3 thoughts on “I have a problem

  1. John Anealio

    Bright of the Sky was excellent and I’ve heard nothing but good things about Tigana. In regards to book storage. After I’ve read a book, I usually loan it to a friend or donate it to my library. You don’t get to keep the physical book but you do get to keep the story in your head. 🙂

  2. Jonathan Maberry

    Having too many books is not the worst problem in the world. Nice new shelves!

    Hope you enjoy reading THE DRAGON FACTORY when you get around to reading it. It’s my second Joe Ledger novel, and I had a lot of fun writing it.

    There are also two free Joe Ledger short stories available online (and they won’t add to the clutter in your room): COUNTDOWN takes is a prequel to PATIENT ZERO (http://us.macmillan.com/CMS400/uploadedFiles/COUNTDOWN_free.pdf) . And DEEP, DARK (just posted yesterday), takes place just before the second book, THE DRAGON FACTORY. Here’s the link: http://jonathanmaberry.com/download-the-free-joe-ledger-story-deep-dark

  3. Jakob Barnard Post author

    John – Yea, I am looking forward to reading Bright in the Sky. I have heard from a number of folks that it was really good. Tigana I have heard is one of his better ones. I really enjoyed the Fionavar Tapestry books so should be fun. I don’t actually have those ones, loaned them from a friend and returned them with a few extras for him to borrow 😉

    Jonathan – thanks for stopping by! As soon as it arrives I plan on getting started on it. My first chance actually to read a preview book, so looking forward to getting my hands on it and having a chance to read and form opinions before seeing any other reviews. I will check out your site as well, love getting to know other authors outside of their books. I will do a review on this site once I finish The Dragon Factory.

    All… I did count last night and my collection stands somewhere around 500 books. However, still pretty happy being a collector of books so will work on the shelf space as opposed to not increasing the size of the piles. 🙂


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